snow comfort

Posted on January 28, 2011


i’m always so happy when it snows because it gives me the opportunity to be and feel as cozy as possible.

i know i’m a little late on the “winter storm” post, as everyone seems to have one, but when it snows i think of: hot tea, wool, sitting by a fire, christmas (even though it’s january, and it never snows on christmas for me at least anyway), 0ld russia (you should read this book called: the flight of the romanovs: a family saga), and snow animals (snow leopards, mink).

but instead, because i am in a temporary apartment, i am forced to download fireplace apps (i know, it’s really lame until you try it, then it’s quite relaxing! go to mac app store) and the only pets i’m allowed, apart from my fish, are technically pests.

and then of course the magic of the snow wears off after 3 days, because piles of slush and mud make your boots dirty, and then you slip and almost fall and… oops, i fell.  but wouldn’t it be nice to curl up on a tibetan rug, drink tea, and watch the winter?

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