break time is OVER!

Posted on February 18, 2011


so, there are many reasons why i haven’t been posting and drawing lately.

1. the revolution in Egypt.  most of my friends live in Cairo and when Jan 25 rolled around, it started as an unprecedented protest against president Hosni Mubarak, and turned into a full-blown revolution that toppled the regime.  i was on the phone constantly and had one thing on my mind, which was the safety of my friends, and of course the future of Egypt, a country i love and to which i owe a great deal.  everything stopped and i was also constantly refreshing twitter.

it seemed a bit strange and out of place to have tweets like “if anyone knows where (name) is, please let me know, he’s gone missing in #tahrir” next to “love the new look from 3.1 #nyfw!!” or something like that.  not to say that i don’t (love the new look, ha), but this time i had to ask: “who can be focused on fashion shows when egypt is burning?”  — and the answer is, egyptians, and the people like me who have great emotional investment in that country.  i wrote an article for the huffington post, and forgot about everything else in my life.  until feb. 11 came around, mubarak stepped down, and everyone was celebrating and breathing (somewhat) normally for the first time in, well, 30 years.  the egyptian people are some of the bravest people i know, and this peaceful revolution against a tyrannical regime is phenomenal.  they deserve every freedom.

2.  my amazing sister, who is my favourite person of all time, and an old & dear friend of mine both visited me, and my sister stayed for about a week.  fun times were had and we watched david attenborough’s “life of mammals” and “life of birds” from BBC.  no blogging, thank you very much!

3.  cooking.  (we baked challah. i mean it.)

4.  now i’m just procrastinating…

5.  BUT REALLY, now i can go back to procrastinating my other work by drawing and posting and generally following what i consider to be the boho fashion world in my mind, because really, all of these characters, scenes, and people sometimes come from fashion shows but mostly come from the way i see, or want to see, the world.  that is, to constantly dream and transform and maybe offer up something beautiful, or fun, or inspirational.

6.  argentine tango.  ok, next week i am definitely going to go to tango again after a much-needed break.  i bought new tango shoes.  i am ready to work on boleos, planeos, (er, walking – backwards) and generally treating my body well again (stretching, &etc).

… but that won’t keep me from updating!  if anything, i hope it will give me a new eye for some new and exciting characters.  and GREAT shoes.

break time is OVER!  peace out.

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