Posted on March 18, 2011


Pierre Alexis-Dumas, the creative director at Hermès (and also 6th generation hermès family) recently came to my university (which also happens to be his university!) and gave a talk about what he does: overseeing the creation and design of all Hermès scarves.  (Wow).  The above image is a summary of my notes.  I took them by hand (!) on paper (!) but decided to do a digital draft as well, mainly to show you and to add pretty colours.

The lecture itself was a visual feast – so many scarves, old and new, so many beautiful kinds of designs.  I think it’s interesting that they are beginning to print “photographic” scarves, and that Dumas is currently working on a gallery exhibition of these “photographs” – to be displayed on walls, in a gallery, like they were art.  (they are art; why would we ever think otherwise?).  Still, it’s a great concept, and I wish Dumas all the best at Hermès for everything he is doing for their creative image.

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