it’s spring!

Posted on March 20, 2011


i overheard in a café today that it’s the first day of spring.  we all have items that we purchase in winter, dreaming of warmer days, and then realize that:

1) you’re too tired to bother wearing rings when it’s freezing outside and you have to keep your gloves on anyway,

2) that scarf you dug up from your basement is too light to keep the biting, 15F degree wind from going right through it,

3) the bracelet you bought for $4 right before Christmas isn’t even worth wearing because you have to figure out whether it goes over or under your sweater, because you’re too cold to roll up your sleeves even under your coat or indoors,


spring – ah! – fixes all of those problems.  the sun is out, the wind is breezy, and you can finally roll up your sleeves (even the sleeves of your jacket!).

i’m definitely a warm weather person.  here’s to the (pre-)start of the best part of the year! (summer, of course!).

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